Holden is a phony in the catcher in the rye

The baseball mitt has a poem Allie wrote before his passing. Holden refuses to let her come with him, which upsets Phoebe, so Holden decides not to leave after all.

In The Catcher in the Rye, is Holden himself a phony?

Though Holden is constantly pointing out the phoniness in others, he is himself often phony. Holden shops for a special record"Little Shirley Beans", for his year-old sister Phoebe.

It is this cynicism that causes him to distance himself from other people, despite wanting connection as well.

While at Columbia UniversitySalinger wrote a short story called " The Young Folks " in Whit Burnett 's class; one character from this story has been described as a "thinly penciled prototype of Sally Hayes".

Holden is also phony in this way, though. We note that he only wore the hat around strangers. The thought seems childish, and those he asks consider him to be strange. For example, in chapter three, Holden describes a Pencey alumnus and wealthy mortician, named Ossenburgeras phony when he gives a speech to the students as follows: Each Caulfield child has literary talent.

He plans to return home on that day so that he will not be present when his parents receive notice of his expulsion. Holden intends to stay away from his home in a hotel until Wednesday, when his parents would have received news of his expulsion.

Spencer, for a talk about his expulsion from school and his future. But in the end what Mr. He prefers isolation but longs for companionship which would explain why he wore the hat at other times and when he did not. Holden is a virgin, but he is very interested in sex, and, in fact, he spends much of the novel trying to lose his virginity.

Plot[ edit ] Holden Caulfielda teenager, is living in an unspecified institution in Southern California near Hollywood in It is tempting to inhabit his point of view and revel in his cantankerousness rather than try to deduce what is wrong with him.

Although Holden claims that she is "the queen of all phonies", they agree to meet that afternoon to attend a play at the Biltmore Theater. When Holden continues insulting him after the fight, Stradlater knocks him unconscious and leaves him with a bloody nose.

He wants a black and white world, with no grey areas. Holden becomes uncomfortable with the situation, and when he tells her all he wants to do is talk, she becomes annoyed and leaves.

Antolini now teaches at New York University. B, an author and World War II veteran whom Holden is angered at for becoming a screenwriterone month after his discharge.The Phony Theme of The Catcher In The Rye by J.D. Salinger In life there comes a time when everyone thinks that they are surrounded by phoniness.

This often happens during the teen years when the person is trying to find a sense of direction. Holden is in fact more of a phony than the people that he accuses. Holden believes that all adults are phony because of the fact that they take responsibility for their lives, even when things don.

Everything you ever wanted to know about Holden Caulfield in The Catcher in the Rye, We’re not psychoanalysts but here’s our take: if Holden calls everyone a phony, he can feel better when they reject him.

Notes on The Catcher in the Rye Themes

The Catcher in the Rye. Finally, there’s Holden's grand ambition to be the catcher in the rye. A list of all the characters in The Catcher in the Rye.

The The Catcher in the Rye characters covered include: Holden Caulfield, Ackley, Stradlater, Jane Gallagher. Introduction Cab Driver Holden Caulfield Who Am I? Stradlater/Ackley Conclusion The Catcher in the Rye: Is Holden a Phony?

"'I don't know, and I don't give a damn. Catcher in the Rye - Phony Essay Words | 4 Pages illustrated his book of how Holden thinks is that Holden rejects everyone who is phony or fake. So the definition of phony, to Holden is some one that he distrusts. Holden thinks Mr. Antolini is a phony because he just cannot seem to understand him.

Holden is a phony in the catcher in the rye
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